Mermaid Professional Courses

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Welcome to the world of Underwater Academy’s PRO courses! If you’re looking for a rewarding profession that allows you to share your passion for the sea and the Mermaid sport discipline, you’re in the right place.

Our Mermaid assistant instructor and instructor courses are designed to turn your hobby into a real career, offering you the opportunity to work with a diverse audience of children, young people, and adults, and to create unique and fun experiences for your clients.

Our professional training is conducted by highly qualified instructors with years of experience behind them. During our courses, you will learn the most advanced techniques to become a successful Mermaid instructor, acquiring the necessary skills to manage lessons and create personalized training programs for your clients.

Our training courses last a maximum of 7 days and take place in different locations in Italy, Malta, and Spain, during the months of May and September each year. Thanks to our intensive training, you can become a qualified Mermaid instructor in a short time and start earning right away.

If you are already an apnea or swimming instructor, or if you are already a licensed Mermaid from a recognized teaching/federation, don’t miss the opportunity to become a professional Mermaid instructor. Send an email or visit our FAQ section for more information on our Mermaid PRO courses.

Additionally, if you are a pool manager or owner, our affiliation program may interest you. Offer your customers a new and fun sport discipline, enriching your offer and attracting an ever-growing audience. Contact us for more information on our affiliation program.

Choose Underwater Academy for your professional Mermaid training and start living your passion for the sea as a true professional!

If you need help, see our FAQs