PADI Freediving Recreational Courses

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  • Freediving PADI
    Freediving is about inner strength, discipline and control. If you have always wanted to silently enter the underwater world, at your own pace, and stay there as long as your breath allows it, then freediving is for you.
  • Advanced Freediver PADI
    Satisfy any personal desire to give your best and be proud of what you achieve. The PADI Advanced Freediver course was designed to meet your personal need to refine and improve freediving skills, allowing you to progress slowly while learning how your body behaves during freediving.
  • PADI Freediver Instructor Course
    PADI Freediver Instructor Course Dates It’s finally here!!! We are excited to announce the dates and updates for the fantastic year 2024 regarding the new PADI freediving courses. This is
  • Courses for children aged 8 and up
    The Scuba Kid’s PADI of Underwater Academy has begun And yes, we have reached the 4th Edition of this fantastic traveling experience. With the Scuba Kid’s PADI by Underwater Academy,
  • PADI Activities 2024: Divers Experience
    Get ready for a journey of a lifetime! If you are reading this page, it’s because for too long now you have been dreaming, imagining exploring the oceans and taking
  • Skin Diver PADI
    Skin diving is like snorkeling, except that, to observe aquatic life more closely, you dive in apnea. Whether you are in a freshwater lake, in the ocean, at home or in one of the diving holiday destinations, the PADI Skin Diver course teaches you to enjoy the underwater life and dive for short visits.
  • Basic Freediver PADI
    The PADI Basic Freediver course is a sub-course of the PADI Freediver. It is an ideal initial course for developing solid freediving skills. You will learn the basic principles of freediving and concentrate on practicing techniques for holding your breath in the pool or in a confined water site.
  • PADI Project AWARE Specialist – Protect aquatic environments
    Description: Want to make a difference in protecting global aquatic resources? Enroll in the Project AWARE Specialist course and become part of a global force of scuba divers and water