PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor Course

PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor

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Becoming an Advanced Freediving Instructor allows you to share your passion and knowledge with other enthusiasts, guiding them through advanced training and helping them improve their freediving skills.


Imagine immersing yourself in a fascinating underwater world, where silence reigns supreme and your body moves with grace and agility. If you are fascinated by the depths of the sea and have a passion for freediving, then the PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor course is the perfect opportunity to turn your passion into an engaging career.

Academic Path:

During the Advanced Freediver Instructor course, you will have the opportunity to refine your freediving skills and take on deeper and more challenging dives. This course is a true academic journey, where you will acquire advanced knowledge in teaching techniques, safety, and emergency management. You will be guided by qualified PADI instructors who will share their extensive experience and knowledge in the field of advanced freediving.

The equipment you will use:

One of the fundamental components of this course is learning advanced breathing techniques, such as the Frenzel technique, which will allow you to maximize your underwater performance. Additionally, you will gain a deep understanding of ear equalization and the physical laws that govern your body during dives. This will enable you to fully utilize your abilities and explore the depths of the sea safely and excitingly.

Required Prerequisites:

Once you have gained training experience, PADI Freediver Instructors (or instructors from other freediving organizations) can qualify for the PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor level.

If you are a PADI Master Freediver (or equivalent level), have certified at least 25 PADI Freedivers (or 25 equivalent level freedivers), and have renewed your affiliation as a PADI Emergency First Response (CPR/first aid) Instructor, you can inquire about becoming a PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor.

Please note that if you hold an equivalent instructor rating, you will still need to attend a PADI Freediver Instructor Orientation program to qualify as a PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor.

Minimum participant age: 18 years old.

Certification Issued:

Once you have successfully completed the course and obtained the qualification of Advanced Freediving Instructor, numerous opportunities will arise in the world of diving. You will be able to work as an instructor in exotic destinations, guiding freediving enthusiasts on unforgettable adventures. You will be able to share your passion for the sea and its wonders, inspiring others to discover the joys of freediving.

Being part of the PADI community provides a significant advantage for an advanced freediving instructor. PADI is the world’s largest and most respected scuba diving training organization, with a global network of diving professionals. Being a PADI instructor means having access to high-quality educational resources, ongoing support, and professional development opportunities.

If you need help, see our FAQs

If you need help, see our FAQs