PADI Adaptive Techniques Course

PADI Adaptive Techniques

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The PADI Adaptive Techniques course is an advanced program for experienced divers who want to improve their skills and knowledge in diving. Course objectives include adapting to different underwater situations, enhancing safety and performance, developing situational awareness and problem-solving abilities, effectively managing emergencies, understanding specialized equipment, comprehending underwater conditions, and promoting a safe and responsible mindset.


The PADI Adaptive Techniques course is an advanced program designed to provide experienced divers with the tools and techniques necessary to adapt to different underwater situations and enhance their safety and performance during dives. Throughout the course, participants will have the opportunity to delve into the theory of underwater adaptation, learn new adaptation techniques, effectively manage underwater emergencies, and gain a deeper understanding of complex underwater conditions.

Academic Path:

The Adaptive Techniques course consists of a combination of theory sessions, pool or confined water sessions, and open water dives. During the theory sessions, participants will gain a solid understanding of underwater adaptation concepts, stress and resilience, as well as strategies and methodologies for improving flexibility and adaptability during dives. Practical sessions will allow participants to apply the learned techniques and address simulated emergency situations in a controlled environment. The open water dives will provide an opportunity to experience the learned techniques in real conditions.

Equipment You Will Use:

During the Adaptive Techniques course, participants will use standard scuba diving equipment, including wetsuits, masks, fins, buoyancy control devices (BCDs), regulators, and pressure gauges. Additionally, the course may involve the use of specialized equipment such as lift bags, reels, and other dive-assist devices. During the practical sessions, participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with this equipment and learn how to use it safely and effectively.


Minimum age of 18 years.
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification or equivalent.
A minimum of 30 logged dives.
Valid CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certification within the last two years.

Certification Granted:

Upon completion of the Adaptive Techniques course, participants will receive a certification issued by PADI. This certification acknowledges the completion of the program and confirms the acquired skills in adaptive diving techniques. The certification is internationally recognized and demonstrates the participants’ ability to adapt to different underwater situations in a safe and responsible manner.

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