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The PADI “Cavern Diver” course offers divers the opportunity to experience an exciting form of underwater diving by exploring the wonders of caves. With proper training and respect for the environment, divers can have unforgettable adventures within these fascinating underwater environments.


The PADI “Cavern Diver” course is a training program designed for certified divers who wish to explore the thrilling world of underwater caves. This course provides the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and responsibly dive in cave environments.

Academic Path:

During the PADI “Cavern Diver” course, students will follow an in-depth academic path covering the following topics:

Introduction to cave diving
Cave safety principles
Navigation techniques in cave environments
Gas management in caves
Communication and signaling in caves
Identification of cave flora and fauna
Conservation and protection of cave environments

The Equipment You Will Use:

During the PADI “Cavern Diver” course, you will have the opportunity to use specialized scuba equipment necessary for cave diving. This equipment may include:

Powerful underwater torches to illuminate the cave environment
Guidelines or safety lines to facilitate navigation
Gas cylinders with specific configurations for cave dives
Signaling devices to communicate with the dive team
Safety equipment such as reserve masks and backup breathing devices


Before participating in the PADI “Cavern Diver” course, you must meet the following prerequisites:

Minimum age of 18 years (or 15 years with parental or guardian approval)
PADI Open Water Diver certification or equivalent
At least 20 logged dives in your dive log
Physical fitness and good health

Certification issued:

Upon completion of the PADI “Cavern Diver” course, students will receive a “Cavern Diver” specialty certification. This certification will attest to their competence in conducting cave dives within the limits established by the course.

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