PADI Professional Freediving Courses

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  • EFR Instructor PADI
    The PADI Emergency First Response Instructor certification ensures confidence in one’s ability to respond effectively and is recognized and appreciated by the diving community and instructors. Sharing acquired knowledge and
  • Freediver Instructor Course PADI
    The Freediver Instructor course offers comprehensive training that will enable you to work in diving centers, resorts, and specialized apnea organizations. During the course, you will acquire theoretical and practical
  • PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor Course
    Becoming an Advanced Freediving Instructor allows you to share your passion and knowledge with other enthusiasts, guiding them through advanced training and helping them improve their freediving skills. Description: Imagine
  • Master Freediver Instructor Course PADI
    The PADI Master Freediver Instructor course is an advanced training program to become a high-level freediving instructor, offered by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). This course aims to provide
  • Master Freediver PADI
    If you are an advanced freediver who wants to learn to refine your lifestyle and training in order to approach the highest levels of freediving, then the PADI Master Freediver course is for you.
  • PADI Freediver Instructor Course
    PADI Freediver Instructor Course Dates It’s finally here!!! We are excited to announce the dates and updates for the fantastic year 2024 regarding the new PADI freediving courses. This is
  • Courses for children aged 8 and up
    The Scuba Kid’s PADI of Underwater Academy has begun And yes, we have reached the 4th Edition of this fantastic traveling experience. With the Scuba Kid’s PADI by Underwater Academy,
  • PADI Activities 2024: Divers Experience
    Get ready for a journey of a lifetime! If you are reading this page, it’s because for too long now you have been dreaming, imagining exploring the oceans and taking