Children’s Program and 1st Level Mermaid Junior Course

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Dear parents, if you are looking for a fun and safe experience for your children, the Mermaid Children program and the Mermaid Junior course are perfect for you!


We offer a safe and controlled environment for children to have fun and learn at the same time. Our highly qualified staff will be present during all activities, which will take place in a partnered swimming pool.

Academic Path:

Our Mermaid Children program is designed for children aged 6 to 9 years old, while the Mermaid Junior course is for guys aged 10 to 14 and a half years old. During the program and course, children will learn to move in the water like real mermaids or tritons, improving their muscle performance and developing their awareness of the aquatic environment. Additionally, through games and challenges, they will also learn to work as a team and achieve goals.

Prerequisites required:

To participate in the program or 1st level course, children must be able to swim and have a sports medical certificate.

Required age to participate in the Mermaid Children program is: 6 years old.
Required age to participate in the Mermaid Junior 1st Level course is: 10 years old.
Before confirming registration, the Instructors of Underwater Academy will carry out a small practical evaluation directly in the swimming pool.

Certification Issued:

The Mermaid Children program provides a certificate of participation, while the Mermaid Junior course provides the issuance of a Mermaid Junior patent by Underwater Academy, after passing a small theoretical and practical exam.

The equipment you will use:

During the Mermaid Children program and 1st Level Junior Mermaid course, the equipment used will be: mask, snorkel, and fins.

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