Mermaid Junior 2nd Level Course

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The Mermaid Junior 2nd Level Course is an educational experience that will allow you to expand your knowledge and improve the skills acquired during the Mermaid Junior Course. The course aims to develop your aquatic abilities, with a particular focus on the principles of apnea.

Academic Path:

The course is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. During the theoretical part, the principles of apnea and the swimming technique of mermaids will be explained. In the practical part, Mermaid instructors at our affiliated pool will guide you through exercises designed to improve your sports performance.

The equipment you will use:

To participate in the course, we will provide you with the necessary equipment, including the monofin, mermaid tail, and costume. Additionally, the pool where the exercises take place is equipped with everything necessary to ensure maximum safety.

Required Prerequisites:

No special prerequisites are required to participate in the course, except for the ability to swim. Before starting the course, the Mermaid instructor at our affiliated pool will perform a brief practical test to assess your level of aquatic ability.

Certification Issued:

At the end of the course, participants who pass the final exam will receive a Mermaid Junior 2nd Level certification. The certification will attest to the skills acquired and the level of competence reached. Our goal is to make the learning experience safe, fun, and rewarding for all participants.

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