PADI Seal Team

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The PADI Seal Team is a fun and stimulating scuba diving program for children aged 8 and above who want to explore the underwater world in a safe and controlled manner. The program is divided into two parts: Seal Team and Master Seal Team. To become members of the PADI Seal Team, participants must complete the first five AquaMissions. Once the Seal Team is completed, members can become part of the Master Seal Team by completing ten additional specialized AquaMissions and knowing how to assemble/disassemble the equipment independently.

Academic Path:

The PADI Seal Team program involves conducting AquaMissions from 1 to 5, following a predetermined order. Before each pool dive, a briefing is conducted for the participants, during which the challenge to be faced is illustrated. After each dive, participants must complete the appropriate challenge in their PADI Seal Team AquaMission and Log Book.

Equipment you will use:
During the program, participants will use a range of scuba equipment, including mask, fins, snorkel, tank, low-pressure inflator BCD, regulator, alternate air source and pressure gauge. Wetsuits and weights are provided as needed. For the Night Dive AquaMission, each participant requires a dive light. A backup light and a signaling device/chemical light are recommended.

Required Standards:

The PADI Seal Team has high safety standards, and each participant must complete the AquaMissions in accordance with these standards. For AquaMission 1, the maximum allowed depth is 2 meters/6 feet. After AquaMission 1, the maximum allowed depth is 4 meters/12 feet. During activities, the constant presence of an instructor or assistant instructor is required, with a participant-to-instructor ratio that varies based on the instructor’s rating.

Minimum age requirement is 8 years old.

Certification Issued:

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive the PADI Seal Team certification, diploma, and application form for the certification. In addition, Certification Issued: must watch the PADI Seal Team Video to obtain certification.

The PADI Seal Team program offers a unique and engaging experience for young scuba divers. We are confident that participants will have fun and learn in a safe and controlled manner, thanks to our highly qualified instructors and constant attention to safety.

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