Mermaid Instructor Affiliation

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Mermaid School is a leading organization in the mermaid swim industry, specializing in fun and educational courses for children and adults.

The company’s highly qualified instructors are distinguished by their passion for swimming and mermaid culture.

The Mermaid School Instructor Affiliation offers numerous exclusive benefits, including access to advanced training programs, the ability to acquire new technical skills, and expand one’s professional network. In addition, affiliated instructors can organize their own mermaid swim courses using the Mermaid School brand, enjoying the visibility and reputation of Underwater Academy.

To become an affiliated instructor of Mermaid School, it is necessary to follow a training course at one of the centers authorized for Instructor Training by Underwater Academy.

The course includes both theoretical and practical parts, which will help you develop your skills and become a highly qualified instructor.

Once successfully completed, you will be able to use the Mermaid School brand and enjoy all the benefits of the affiliation.

The Mermaid School Instructor Affiliation is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to expand their skills in mermaid swimming and become a professional in the industry. Join our community of mermaid enthusiasts and discover everything that Mermaid School has to offer.

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