Last Minute

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Urgent desire to unplug the switches and escape on vacation ? Well, this is the place.

“Last minute” trips are trips to be taken quickly.

If you are a type who always has a suitcase ready, here you can find the super offers that only concern travel, intended as travel or entire holidays for people who for any reason are unable to leave.

Here is something you need to know before booking this type of trip, called “Last Minute”:

  • The purchase of these trips cannot be confirmed with only the 30% deposit as provided for the others. But the booking confirmation is subject to the total balance in a single advance payment upon confirmation of availability by us.
  • For confirmed bookings, in case of cancellation by the customer, they cannot be refunded in any way. Please read our purchase conditions in the “Travel” section.
  • On some proposals in the “Last Minute” section, even if in most cases it does not happen, an additional commission may be required to the displayed price which can vary from 5% to 15% maximum, please read carefully the description of each proposal before booking. For further information you can contact our assistance center.

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